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Spanish 100%

100% spanish, 100% flexible. We offer also solely spanish classes with licenced professors. You choose 1) the dates, 2) the amount of hours, 3) if you want to learn online or take personal classes, and 4) if you need accommodation. We try to offer you the best prices for individual spanish courses.

Cooking Experience

Regional food, a relaxed atmosphere and a local chef - The ingredients for cooking session where you can experience authenic tastes and be part of the cooking process. Learn about ingredients and ways to prepare local colombian dishes like arepas, tamales or the bandeja paisa!


Yoga Class

We offer yoga classes practiced by our friends and partners, who are teach professionally. Classes can be either in the city or in the nature, we even have possibilites on the beach. You choose!

Also there are dates with yoga retreats and travels. Soon we will post more infos.

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Build Your Trip

Build your trip 100% individual. You can either choose from our list of offers or write us about your plans and interests. We try to offer you the best experiences for good prices.

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