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The Beginning

The Story of ColombiaYou began in 2020 when I first traveled to Colombia.

Hi, my name is Fabian. I am a Vienese guy who lives in Medellín, Colombia.

In 2020 I traveled over months through a big part of Colombia. I experienced so many new impression - far away from a stereotypical image of Colombia - that I decided to share my experiences with the world. At that time I found it hard to encounter an individual high quality tour or adventure for a reasonable price. So I founded the company TrexYou Travels with my colombian friend and lawyer Liliana.

We both are very well connected with the country and it´s people in nearly all of the 32 departments and the capital district Bogotá D.C.

We opose mass turism and are in favor of the proteccion of the environment, the working standards and durable values.

Our motivation is to let you experience the country in an authentic and individual way.

The Standards

ColombiaYou is a brand by TrexYou Travels which act as a travel and adventure operator.

We offer individual and unique experiences for a good price.



The perfect outcome for us is that you enjoy your individual travel and have the best time of your life.

And we don´t settle for less.

Our part is to organize everything and make sure you get the highest standards. Personal contact and latest checks are the basis for a good work environment and a reliable advantage.

We are always looking to offer you the highest security, the best services, and the lowest prices possible.

The Services
Spanish lessons
Cooking sessions
Consulting & Planning
Ask for more ♥
The Legal
The terms and conditions of your adventure can be found in the relevant parts of your booking.
We will be posting all legal information here shortly.
All videos, photos and materials are the sole property of the company and may not be used without permission.
All legal specifics, including those not listed here, apply in full and can be requested via email.

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