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About Us

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Our Principles


We think that lodging is one of the most important parts of your adventures.

To rest good means to have energies and enjoy the next day fully!

Therefore we find you the best accomodation for your needs.

Many places where tested by ourselves to make sure your stay have the high standards we want to offer.

We put the accomodations in 3 Categories to make it easier for your to find the right atmosphere: Private Accommodations, Partners, Individual Stay

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PRivate Accommodations


Private and comfortable rooms with everything you need. You will be welcomed by us and treated like a friend. If you wish, we will show you all the things nearby you need to know.

Find us in:




Floridablanca (next to Bucaramanga)



Locations are near to the offered tours.

Excelently connected and well selected by our high standards.

Individual Stay

We organize you the best accommodation depending on your individual needs.

Ask For a Reservation

Whatsapp, Signal, Telegram  +43 699 10841449

Soon we will upload more detailed descriptions and booking options.

Meanwhile please contact us for more infos and reservations.


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